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Introducing the PetPediCure

Making Grooming Effortless

Our dogs are petrified by the thought of having to have their nails clipped. However, with our advancements in pet care we have made it easier to trim our pets nails'.

Why is the Pedi Paw right for you?

  • Easiest Way To Be Scratch Free

    Discover for yourself why it represents the easy and quick way to smooth nail edges and prevent scratching of floors and furniture.

  • Painless

    We ensure that the PetPediCure is pain free for your fur-baby. We value our pets over everything!

  • Our Unique Design

    When designing the PetPediCure we wanted to ensure that our trimmer was a lightweight cordless device, making it portable.


The pet nail clippers are designed to be extremely light in weight and delicate in appearance. Highly hygienic clippers: high-end material together with reliable design keeps off dust, bacteria, and infection during trimming. The clippers serve well as pet nail scissors and a bristle trimmer.


Does PetPediCure cause discomfort for my fur-baby?

No, at first your dog might be a little frightened but as they become more comfortable with the Pedi Paw it doesnt bother them at all.

Does the PetPediCure come with replacement heads?

Yes 1

What size batteries does the PetPediCure use?

The Pedi Paw takes 2 "C" batteries sold separately.

Does the PetPediCure work on cats?

Yes, it does

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